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This site is actually getting likes for once. Yes, it sounds depressing but the fact remains that PB2 is in an inactivity period. However it doesn’t mean the game is dead. Its like migration, the animal only settles in the spot for a certain amount of time, then leaves, but is likely to return at […]

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RAZE IS officially dead and is having it’s memory lived on through the Souls of the Old Storm and it’s members. THE SRC will do a three week long program to recruit members and to get our name out there, all active members must respond by the time the three weeks are up, otherwise the […]

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 HELLO!!!!!!! Just want to let everyone to know this site will be used only for critical updates from the SRC on PB2 clan activities. RAT or the Recon Assault Team has declared war on all  PB2 Clans. Lets hope their not too stupid to do it all at once 😀 Guest Regime siting have gone […]

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If anyone knows how to find fish by ANY MEANS NECESSARY please contact me here:

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